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How to become a villain

All the good old stories begin that way.  A special one, who is destin to save the world, from evil.  The hero who must fight to the villain. The good guy succedes, gets the girl, and everyone lives happily ever after. But what about that villain? The mastermind guy, who planned all this. We have to give him some credits, I mean… waw! He had the perfect plan for world control and genocide. And he fails because some arrogant douchebag, who seriously thinks his special, gets in his way. Men… heroes are assholes, really boring assholes. When villians are much more delightful. I don’t know about you, but I rather read about a villain, instead of yet another story about the hero and bla, bla…
If you are like me, the you are in the right place. Because this isn’t the story about heroes and love. This is the original of a villain. This is the story about me!

Lilith was staring at her dirty boots. She didn’t even know how long she was arrested, or she cared. The cage was dark, dirty and smell was havy on the air, but after hours there she didn’t bother the mold on the walls or dead silence. How did she end up here on the first place? Lili, the sweet girl with cruly blonde hair, with her angelic face of a baby. How less in a year she was shered hate crimes, getting on the fights and finally end up arrested and don’t even care about it?
“I so broke inside like I’m dead, I’ve been dead for years on piece of meat with no soul. But I will not cry, I’m stronger.”
True is she always was a bad girl deep inside her ribs, so she tell herself, thinking of how all started.
About a month ago, on the rainy autumn day when after four years her mother finally come back form Italy, with her newborn son, and fresh husband. Since she was two years old, her parents like most parents in Moldova, had live to find some work in UE. It was a usual situation for a child to be left behid with some relatives, when in the meantime, parents work in some west European country, to build some bright future for their child. It took to long for her parents to find some jobs, and then it was stupid to left work, when you can lose it so easily. When Lili turnet six years old, her mom finally come home for a month, after a year and a half, she saw her father. Both promise to take her with them next time when they come, for the girl it wasn’t such a great idea, they were just stranger, who try to buy her love with all the sweets and toys the bring. But of course they never keep that promises, after two years they got divorce. It wasn’t such a shock to Lili. After that her mom started to visit her more often, but because she lived with her maternal grandmother, her meetings with her father were no more that two hours in town with some icecream. To be honestly she was happy that way, she dind’t feel filial love to them, or didn’t need to. All questions they ask, annoyed her she was far away to feel the need to share her thoughts.

Late that night at the dinner table, while her mother told all the details of trip, Lili was staring at her plate, wondering how much time she have left to stay awkward boring dinner. “He is beautiful!?” Said Veronica, awakening Lili, truly believing every world she said. She look at her baby brother, truth was that she never saw more uglier child, he look like a sick old man, with his red skin fallen over his face. It looks like a dried peach, a very noisy peach.  “Yeah indeed” she never feel more bad about a lie, ever in her entire life. “Come on, hold him, and let me look at you.” She gave the baby to Lili, while taking a photo of them. “God, you two look gorgeous.” Lili sighet trying to keep as far away possible from her brother. “So when can we expecting from you?” Ask George always trying so hard to be polite with his step dougther. “Expeciting what?” “You know, a husband, baby.” “I’m only 20!” “Well, darling, I was 20, when I married your father.” “Only to divorce him years later.” An awkward silence fall over dinner table. But was a new revelation, she didn’t feel a bit guilty for being unpolite. On the contrary felt really good, plus she got an appetite, for the dry peppers stuffed with rice. “But is ok mom, is not like I grow up like an orphan with the living parents. Oh, wait I did! I guess if  I’ll hate myself someday, I’ll get a baby!” with every world she said she felt like shattering a stone in her chest. “Well that was awkward, will be better if  I go, so you can live now with your guilt.”  She leave apartment in next 5 minutes. Cold night air cool her down, she love it, love the night, and loved her newself. To be fair she had bad week, she lost her architecture project at whom she had been working all summer, only to find out that stupid colleague of her stole almost the whole project. Her silly boyfriend, Jonny duped her over sms for no reason. Now, she felt really realeasted, beacause this was only the beginning... But for now she need some slep, so she go at the tiny apartament that she rent with her cousin, near the gates of Chisinau. It was a beautiful morning, because it was the first morning of Lilith, then she decided to change her name at any cost possible. “Good mornig sunshine!” greet Sofia, her cousin. Lili fake friend with her almost two years, since she moved to Chisinau. But now Lilith looked at that face with annoyend eyes, wondering how to stop that. “I have, a wonderful news!” Lilith rolled her eyes. “Not again!” tought Lilith. She was so tired of all Sofia’s drama.  All her life that girl was stuck between two men, more boys that men, but this wasn’t important. Vadim and Iura definitely  have some weird fetish over Sofia, both date her multiple times, in never ending soap opera. Lilith didn’t like her, never did, and she was sure the feeling is mutual. Never a girl over 80 kg, would like another under 50 kg. “Don’t faiting! I’m pregnant!” Screamd loud Sofia. After five seconds pause, not really having any feelings about this, Lilith asked. “So is a good news?” “Lili! Of course is the best news! So do you want something to say to me?”  Confused she look around for help. “Who is the father?” a masculine voice asked from the doorway. “What do you mean: who is the father?” Before defend herself, Sofia paused, while Lilith spoked. “Well either is you or Vadim.” Boy dumb face was transformed is something even dumber. “I’m Vadim!” perfectly calm answered. “Come on guys you look the same. Tall, skinny and blonde. Got to say, Sofia have very selective taste.” “What the hell is wrong with you?” Asked Sofia confused by her atitudine. “I’m perfectly fine, dear. Is you who have a mouse size embrion in your womb. Ew…” Then it happened, welter of voices covered the room. Causing that little chaos was the sweetest thing she ever tasted. That was the moment when her evil smile was born.
She dry her hair in dark black, finaly she looked more mature, that golden hair always make her look like a 16 years old. To complete the metamorphose she official change her name in to Lilith. And now she have to make one final step to feel even better.
So next Sunday she go to the church where the past two months she and Jonny achieved every week. First 20 minutes she was very bored, but she stayed quiet in a corner, but then she could take more so she raisded her hand like in class. At first confused, pastor just ask. “Liliana?” “Can I say something?” more confused. “This isn’t some depate…” Lilith don't feel intimidated at all, if that was the purpose of his high voice. “But pastor, you always say that dialog between people’s church is very important. It won’t take long, I promise.” Trapped in a corner pastor approved. She walked to the stage with the curage of the lion. “Yes, Liliana, do you want something to say?” Ask the pastor polite with his annoying female voice. For of a moment she felt lost looking at the auditorium, but suddenly she approach the microfon and started to talk. “Jonny, where are you, Jonny? Hey, here you are, plese stand up.” With inexplicably frightened eyes, the boy obeys her. “ Well, Jonny, I was so crazy stupid in love with you, I mean that was the most stupid thing in the history of stupids things, I actually join you on this meatings, and I’m atheist!”  A long murmur covered the grand hall of the baptist church, but sound was easy stoped by the Lilith’s bold voice. “I was so desperate to win your love, I was pathetic! But you know what? You are even more pathetic that I ever was, because you acctually belive that there is a guy in sky with magic hands. And if you pray enough, he will solve all your problems, because he care about you. You, a insignifiant amalgam of atoms, in this thiny planet, who revolves around this insignificant star on the coner of the galaxy, and the Universe…”  “Miss Luca…” Spoked pastor shoked by the monolog, but Lilith  stoped him before he even begin. “I’m not done! Newsflash guys, there is no god, or ever was, no more that Santa Klaus, Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. That just a big lie, that weak people tell themselves to feel better. Yeah you’re weak, your whole bloodline is weak, and you’ll not survive the winter. Now  I’m done”
“For now this is the best moment in my life!” said Lilth to herself leaving the church in a dead silance. But great moments like this were in the near future.
Sarcasm follow her every day, causing more shocked faces that amused ones. But Lilith didn’t care, she never was really friendly with her university mates. They do perfect job ignoring her so does she. They all  were just peasents, with zero personality. At the architecture faculty in Moldova everyone was corrupt deep in the bones. But since everyone favorite Emilia stole her project, she did’t even greet them. And she simply payed more that Emilia, for her own project, but when the results come the look on that face worth every leu.
As expected for that project Lilith got an 10, only 10 in class of 25. “How you did that?” Ask Emilia after hours, visibly nervous. “Well simply I’m brilliant. You saw my project, and come on, even you with your IQ equal to your shoe number, you must admit that project was good.” “You whore!” “Waw so original! Darling, only whore around here is you!” Everyone was staring at them two, and Lilith feel the need for much of the show. She didn’t even hear what cursing Emilia useded she just feel the need for the dramatic end. So the fight start!
And now she was arrested, somehow they knew about the church incident, and apparently she was in mess…
Dead silence was subit cut by the sound of the many steps on the hall. Two tall mens stoped right in front of her cage. “Luca you have a visitator.” They open the gate. “Who?” Ask Lilith stand up. “Your lawyer.” Said in response the guardian. “I have a lawyer? Hmm…”  Things started to be more and more entertaining.
“I’m Max Certan your lawyer, Miss Luca… Lilith?” Greet one young man in a quit white room. “Yeah I got a new name.” “New look apparently too.” “You're very persuasive.” He smiled. “I do my best, tought this will be a interesting case.” Now Lilith smiled. “Can agree, don’t kill anybody… yet” “Yet? So what do you have in mind?” Ask Max. “I know, I kinda feel to build a time machine, get a gun, a shut that fish that climbs from the ocean, and end human rise from the beginig.” Max was the kind of guy who hears a lot of stupid and crazy things, but even from him that was to much. “Do you realise you will end youself too?” “And also, all species from the ground…” “Yet, Life finds a way, said Jeff Goldblum, so even if you succeed, which is poor likely…” “ Stop right there, do you realise, that just a made up scenario, oh right I always forgot that you all are just fruction of my imagination.” It was indeed a very interesting case. “Maybe you sould get other attitude, so you can get out.” For few seconds Lilith tought similed her evil simile and said. “Like pity?” Max stoped his eyes over her face, it was something fascinated in her gaze and smile.
A four hours later she returned to her apartament, she bought a bottle of dry red wine, and watching over Chisinau famous gates she slowly drink a glass. “I must take over the world.” She said seriously “until my death, wich will be never.”


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