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Sweets to the sweet

Ophelia is a sweet girl, everyone could agree on that. She has warm brown eyes, beautiful pale skin and messy heavy cruls wich seem brown-red in the light, like sun died in her cruls, a fascinating yet terrible death. Once her cruls were gold pure, and smile never left her face, but that was long time ago, it seems like centuries. She was inocent, childlike and naive, completely unaware of the harsh realities of life. But then she broke her heart and dreams, insecurities were born and sadness filled her heart. Yet her whole character is that of simple unselfish affection for her father, brother and ... her lover. Or that is? She did loved once, tremendously, but like a fire in the cold snowy night, that love died. And now is snowing with petals of a rue flower.
Inspired by Hamlet's Ophelia.