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On the wood table was a old magazine and a cup of cold tea.  She was starting at the girl on the cover,  a pretty one. She was pretty too,  even on the worst days and even when she was so broke inside  that she found hard to breathe. But,  unlike that girl, on the cover, she didn't laugh, she faked so many smiles that she forgot how to truly laugh. Oh, sad pretty little girl... 
So...  right, in all her acts,  less that one.  One thing, so human-wrong,  but so awful from her perspective.  It was eating her down to her bones. Her heart grow colder by the day.  And everything else didn't matter anymore. She used to tell herself,  that she can fix it,  but that didn't work anymore.  All her hopes and dreams just flew away in the wind. Her tea was bittersweet,  but she hated it, because it was cold.